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QHSE Policy
Tricakra Perkasa, services provider for oil and gas industry, is focused on customer satisfaction by maintaining high standards of quality, industrial safety, occupational health and environmental protection for promotion quality of working life, through compliance with applicable Indonesian laws and contractual requirements that are signed with customers and communities. We focus relentlessly on the control and prevention of occupational diseases, incidents, property damage, environmental impact and / or communities, in line with the hazards, risks and impacts and environmental issues identified and inherent in our work,developing quality, Safe and clean operations showing corporate social responsibility. It is a top management priority continuous improvement in management and organizational performance, assigning the technical, human and financial resources. It is the responsibility of all employees, visitors and contractors understand and comply with this policy and other related issues.
Policy For The Prevention Of Drug,
Tobaco & Alcohol Consumption
Tricakra Perkasa seeks to promote a healthy and safe work environment, as the adverse effects of alcohol, tobacco and drugs in comprehensive health, performance and productivity of its workers, adopt aninstitutional policy for employees, visitors and contractors, the following guidelines:
Is Mandatory
  • Actively participate in training programs that promote awareness and compliance with this Policy.
  • Facilitate the realization of test required to clarify evidence of abuse of drugs or alcohol or to discard, when the employee is involved in an accident, ingest of such substances.
It is Forbidden
  • Consuming alcohol, Tabaco and psychoactive or hallucinogenic substances in the workplace and corridors at Tricakra Perkasa, facilities during working hours and as well in customer installations.
  • The improper use of prescription drugs.
  • The possession, distribution and sale of nonprescription drugs or hallucinogens and narcotics, alcohol or snuff in the development of work within the facility, or the development of field operations for the provision of services.
  • Get to work under the influence of drugs, alcohol, psychoactive substances, narcotics or other hallucinogenic and to create dependency.