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South Sumatera Well Intervetions Projects
Currently we have two well interventions projects in South sumatera. The projects involve a slickline Unit, Truck crane and Tools. It is a long term contract and now is the third year contract period.
East kalimantan Well Interventions Projects
Mostlikely the same with the well intervention project in south sumatera, we also provide aslickline services for our clients.
South Sumatera High Pressure High Temperature Project
We provide a high presure and hugh temperature slickline services to support a drilling operations in south sumatera.
Java Sea: Offshore Well Interventions
One of our chalenging operations is to provide a well interventions for offshore well.
The projects was include :
• Snubing / Hydraulic Workover Unit
• Slickline Services
As the program was change out the ESP, we provide the equipment for 24 hours in a remote operations. Required a competence personell and hugh standard of equipment in order to avoid non productive time and zerro incident.
Engineering teams
All begans with the engineering and project planning. We have a teams who has expertise in engineering, so we can discuss with clients and come up with a propose solutions. The engineering teams is the key for the succesfull operations. Therefore we hire a capable and open engieering teams. We dont hesitate to decline a project if We think we are not capable enough to execute the projects or if the plan will not go is safe and within design limit.

Maintenance and Spare Parts
Excelence operations will only happen if the services company did their home work. Their biggest homework is maintenance system and spare parts availibility. We run our operations all over indonesia with the strong support from our base in Jakarta, Palembang and Balikpapan. We plan th maintenance schedule systematically and provide the spares in our yard or in our locations accordingly.